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Error – Message not sent. Connection Refused Server replied: 111 Can’t open SMTP Stream.


Screen Capture Error Message from Squirrel

This can happen when you are sending an email from your website mail server. We think this is mainly a server connection issue and could be as a result of incorrect information.


  1. Recheck the information for your internet connection.
  2. Contact your IT department and have them recheck your connection.
  3. Contact your service provider and tell them your issue. Maybe they are throttling your connection. Low speed inferior connection.

Using Microsoft Outlook:

There should be no issues with Outlook as this program has capabilities to resend your email if the send was unsuccessful. It will continue to send your emails until it is successful.


IF you are sending attachments and are encountering the same error:

After you have “attached” your document. Examine your attachment. You may see an additional file created by the mail program along with your document.

DELETE the additional document.

SEND your document.


REMEMBER this is a connection issue. Should your email has not be sent. Retry. BE patient. Give it a few minutes and then RE-SEND it.

Good Luck –

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