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How to build your own media converter no experience required


In a software sector over-saturated with media conversion, it may be useful to have some idea of what is available in the freeware world.  We have not found one we can recommend in the payware world but when we do, it will be included in our SureFireSites.Com Recommends page of this website:

Many products are derived from a masterwork freely resourced and continually improved by a global community of contributing developers – Open Source FFmpeg – being knowledgeable about where the pay ware programs come from can be useful and may lead one to consider other options when these paid programs fail to deliver.

One should consider being a ‘developer’ and build your own. There are resources available and it may just take a bit of your time to put together but it may be worth your while. The link below is to an article on TechRadar published in November 2014 on how to build your own media converter. I highly recommend you give it a try.  Click on the link below:


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