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Infographic – Mobile Marketing

What is a mobile website?

A mobile website is basically is
– a version of existing client website which pops up when information for that particular client is being viewed from an smart phone online.
– we will install a redirect code into the main website. It will  automatically redirect the viewer as well as optimize the mobile site to be viewed on the mobile device.
–  it has some functions like google maps, contacts forms
– basically its a website viewed in a browser only limited to the technology employed by that browser.

What is a mobile Application (app)

A mobile application can look like  a mobile website however once we get past the initial visual interface we will see that the mobile application can consist of many functions. It is primarily used for marketing purposes.
The mobile application can harness all the technology of the phone, maps, sms, it can receive push notifications, voice activated and so much more. It’s installed on the smart phone and is resident on the smart phone.

Here is an infographic showing why your business need a mobile website:

Why your business need mobile marketing